In HIWOOK you are the protagonist. For real.

Like you, we know how frustrating job search is.

Surely you have spent hours redoing your CV, even making several versions of it. You have asked yourself if the photo you have put is the right one, if you have put the keywords that are so worn lately.

We also know that you doubt if the people who will read your CV will be able to differentiate you from the other 300 applicants to the position. How is it going to give you time if you only have 1 minute (or less) for each CV?

Many times you have come to think how can it be so difficult for recruiters to see everything I am capable of? Am I worse than everyone else? What is missing? Why can not I get the work I need to have the life I want?

We have also been there and that is why we have created HIWOOK, the employment portal where the CV is not necessary and where you can demonstrate what you can do objectively and transparently.

Have you ever felt any kind of discrimination based on your gender, age or origin? In HIWOOK we also know that.

You can register anonymously so that your gender, age or origin is not a problem.

imagen de registro HIWOOKregistro con teléfono HIWOOKWhen you register, you will receive a security key to the mobile to complete the automatic registration. You will also need your mobile later to confirm your identity in the job offers to which you arrive as a finalist.

registro-OTP HIWOOK

Once you enter HIWOOK you will see that there are dozens of tests of knowledge evaluation in Technology, Digital Marketing and Data Analysis. There are also tests of «soft» skills to assess, for example, your motivation.

In HIWOOK you show what you know how to do through tests that have been designed by experts. In addition, you will know what your points of improvement are so that you can continue to develop professionally.

Pruebas de Selección HIWOOK

Passing the tests will give you access to the Job Offers transparently. </ h3>
If you are a finalist, you will go through an interview phase with the recruiting company.

Your opinion is very important for us and for all people who are in a job search situation.

We care about transparency. Therefore, you can evaluate our tests, job offers and also companies that recruit people. Your opinion is important to know if everything is being done well. We listen to you very carefully.